Arthrogyprosis multiplex congenita (AMC).

  • The condition of AMC can be due to abnormal fibrosis of the muscle tissue causing muscle shortening, and therefore the lack of active extension and flexion in the affected joints
  • There are many potential causes for AMC, including molecular, muscular and connective tissue development disorders as well as neurological abnormalities. There might be syndromic causes as well
  • Consider amniocentesis for chromosomal anomalies as well some genetic abnormalities. However, a normal karyotyping or array CGH results from the amniotic fluid cannot exclude all underlying conditions such as neurological, connective tissue or even syndromic disorders
  • Postnatal surgery was required to enhance the joint mobility and function but the joint contracture might not be completely cured despite postnatal treatment and surgery
This article is contributed by Dr. T.N. Danny Leung
updated on 25.09.2020